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Irving Roth

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Born on Sept. 2, 1929, in Kosice, Czechoslovakia, Irving Roth lived a happy childhood, going to school, playing with friends and enjoying soccer.  As Hitler rose to power and World War II broke out, Mr. Roth's life changed dramatically. His family moved to Hungary, but the situation only worsened. While Mr. Roth survived Auschwitz and Buchenwald, he lost his brother, Bondi, grandparents and other relatives.

After the liberation, Mr. Roth returned to his hometown in Czechoslovakia and found his parents, who survived being hidden by righteous gentiles, waiting for him. In 1947, Mr. Roth and his parents moved to Brooklyn, where he completed high school, joined the Army and eventually earned a degree in electrical engineering.



is the number assigned to Mr. Roth and tattooed on his left arm while in Auschwitz..... Never Again!


Irving Roth is the director of the Holocaust Resource Center at the Temple Judea of Manhasset, New York.  Mr. Roth is a holocaust survivor of Aushwitz and Buckenwald, a writer and internationally known educator. He is the recipient of the Anne Frank Outstanding Citizen Award from the Anne Frank Center USA for promoting human rights and social justice and for developing and initiating the Adopt a Survivor program.  For more information, please visit:


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Bondi's Brother

is Irving Roth's first-hand account of surviving the Holocaust.  It is a story of Love, Loss, Betrayal and Liberation.  Available on Kindle and Amazon.  

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