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Our Story...

On February 26, 2017, Larry and Pam Perry, City Directors for Christians United for Israel, hosted a CUFI Parlor Meeting at Northstar Church - Panama City Beach. Erick Stakelbeck, Director of Christians United for Israel's CUFI Watchman Project and host of "The Watchman" program on TBN, spoke for two hours on the Biblical history, current events and the prophetic future of Israel and its importance to the United States. Out of this, a small group titled “Israel: God's Timepiece” began meeting weekly at Larry and Pam's home. As the group began to grow, the name changed to “For Zion’s Sake Small Group.”  


I began to discuss with Larry and Pam the idea of a motorcycle support component to this small group. I wished to simply reach out to motorcycle enthusiasts, Christian and Jewish, who have a love for Israel, and bring them into an existing small group and allow God to use their motorcycles as tools to ride, speak and stand in support of Israel. After many months of brainstorming...Bikers For Zion was born.


This small group meets every Tuesday from 6 pm to 8 pm at Summerwinds Condo, 6323 Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, Florida. Dinner is provided. Everyone is welcome. Owning a motorcycle is not required to attend, so please pass this information on to friends and family, as all are welcome.

Larry and Pam Perry

City Directors, Panama City, Florida

Christians United for Israel

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